Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nothing taken for granted

I was a good student. A student who got B's without trying. If I put in just an ounce of effort, I easily got the A. In everything- except math. Numbers are my down fall. Well, and spelling, but thank God for spell check. I think if I was tested I would have minor dyslexia, but back to math, I get flustered if some one tells me more then two numbers in a row. My brain just seems to freeze and I feel like I am trying to understand a foreign language. I had to work really hard to pass my math classes. And it seemed extra hard because not only was I not good at it, but it wasn't exciting to me. English? Reading? Writing? History? I soaked it all up because I enjoyed it. But math was pure torture.

So when I did well on an English paper, I was proud. But when I did well on a math test? I was ecstatic! I put ten times the amount of effort to get that B in Math as I did that A in English. I earned that B with blood sweat and tears. Well, maybe not blood and sweat, but definitely tears. 

I am proud of all my kids. They are amazing in their own way. My boys? They are my English class. Gavin, he is a natural born athlete. This kid is agile, strong, and fearless (except for loud noises). Breiden, he is smart. He knows how to manipulate people and is always one step ahead of me. They have always been advanced, from walking at 9 months to swimming by 2. Life comes easy to them, and I am proud of all of their achievements.

 Fiona, she is my math class. This girl works her hardest for that good grade. Through screams and tears, she slowly is forming her muscles to do simple tasks like pick up a block, sit up, crawl. I watch her struggle. I watch the frustration. She crosses her arms when something is too hard, or swats at you to just get away and leave her alone. She screams bloody murder as her PT helps her stand for more then 2 seconds. And she so badly wants to do things on her own, but is overwhelmed with how difficult and unnatural everything comes to her.

Loving her new Pink Sock Monkey Hat, made by me and for sale on my etsy site (check my side bar!)
I watch this battle day in and day out, the attempts to stand, the attempts to crawl, the attempts to reach something, the attempts to hold something and the tears of frustration that follow. But when baby girl finally gets strong enough, when she finally understands, when she learns something new? We are ecstatic! She earns every accomplishment she achieves, and today, after ten long months of teaching and teaching and showing and  teaching, it clicked. She bounced her little butt to Hot Dog Hot Dog Hot Diggity Dog and clapped her hands along to The Mickey Mouse Club House. Sister clapped! And the flood gates opened, and she clapped all day. Every time she heard music. Every time we clapped. Every time we said "Yay!". Well, pretty much every time. Of course she made me look like a liar to our neighbors. But she was a ham for the camera :)


There isn't a strong enough word in the English language to describe what we feel about Fiona. She is the hardest worker I know, and seriously, I wouldn't put any limitations on this girl because she loves proving people wrong. She is out to conquer this world, one clap at a time. And she seems to be on a roll, so I am predicting many milestone up dates for 2012.

If you want to encourage Fiona, I urge you to check out Miss Kelle Hampton's blog . Its sweet Nella's 2nd birthday and Kelle is once again raising money for the amazing organization that is working so hard for a better future for Fiona and helping to make our world a more accepting place. Or you can just click HERE to make a donation, small or large, its all VERY much appreciated!

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