Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Batter Up!

Nothing makes this competitive athletes heart soar then watching my kids play sports. When I found out we were having twin boys, my mind was filled with our future spent at ice rinks, sport fields and baseball diamonds. They have had hockey sticks and baseball bats in their hands since they could stand, and my days of sitting on metal bleachers, cheering them on, has begun. They are the youngest and smallest on their tee-ball team, but what they lack in size they make up with speed and enthusiasm.

Oh, it was good ol' all American baseball. Under the lights, freshly groomed clay, little men dressed the part and ready to play. The kids need work on their communication... there was a few squabbles over who got to get the ball... and of course the allure of the big field got to most of them, getting distracted from the game by the sheer thrill of being in a big open space. Gavin and Braydon ( another one on the team) had a pretty good dance battle going on around shortstop.

Go Diamondbacks! Where's my cow bell? Oh yes, I am that mom.


  1. Those shirts crack me up...nothing like a little school rivalry between two twin boys! It is so fun to watch your kids on the field playing sports!


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