Wednesday, February 29, 2012

An extra day

Ahh, our long two months of Florida 70 degree winter ( jealous?) kept us from our love- water. Beach, pool, sprinklers... we live in it every chance we get. Yes, 70 degrees is too chilly for our warm blood to take a dip in the pool. But at last, at the last week of February, Florida summer has begun. Well, I don't know if you can call it summer- maybe this is our spring. Were we will still have days where the temperatures drop a little and the true summer humidity has not settled in yet. But, we welcome back afternoons at the pool.

And whats summer without Popsicles?

Keep growing, hair!
If only we truly could get an extra day. Yes, this year is one day longer then most, but that is just because we label it that way. Really, its just another day...not an extra one. No, I wish we had an extra day- one that extended time and gave me an extra day to savor. Time doesn't extend... it just is. And that's why I try to seize it.

I'm feeling incredibly blessed right now. Even the heaps of medical debt can't get me down. We have good food on our table, and ample amount of what truly matters- time. Staying home not only has given me more time with my kids, but more time as a family. My husbands not 9-5 job gives us mornings and afternoons together, and many evenings are spent bringing daddy dinner at his work and letting the kids run around for a bit ( a nice benefit of daddy's office being a hockey rink). There is only one thing that trumps spending time with my kids, and that is spending time with my family.

Investing time is the deepest form of love. Its something that I want my kids to learn from personal experience. We want to be with them. We want to be together as a family. Next to surviving, its more important then anything.

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