Saturday, February 25, 2012

For the love of the game...

August 16, 2010 there was a major shift in our family. I feel awkward when moms start talking about how their second and third ( or more) children got less of their attention, less camera time and less energy in savoring their milestones then their first born. We couldn't be further from that. Maybe it was that I lived in fear for 8 months that I would never get to see my third child's face. Or that we have to consciously work to achieve each and every milestone. Or that she is my first singleton, my first daughter, my first princess. But a lot of why my pictures of my third child greatly out number those of my first borns is because she sits still. My walking-since-9-months twin hurricanes are blurry smudges on my camera screen. And Gavin likes to turn his back to me when he knows I have a camera in hand.

I read through post after post of Fiona updates and often wonder if my boys will look back on this and think "What the hell, mom?!" But in reality, there is no such noticeable favoritism in our home. I have three lights of my life, three parts of my heart running around outside my body, and three cuddle bugs that equally get my admiration and attention. Today both myself and my camera spent the majority of our energy with my older two. It was their very first T-ball game.

National anthem before the game
 Yep, those are my two peanuts on the far left. A whole head shorter then their 5 year old team mates, but they could hold their own. Minus one or two foul balls and Breiden running once straight to second base instead of first, they did pretty good. God, I love little kids playing sports. Its adorable and comical and impressive how much of the game they actually do get. Especially when I am watching my own. Breiden is number 1 and Gavin is number 3.

How do you even begin going through 250 photos to pick your favorites, because that's how many I took today. Really, I don't even want to write anything with this post, I just want to cover it with photos. I am beaming with pride of my boys who had the time of their life today. They looked like real baseball players, serious game faces and big wades of chewing gum in their cheeks included.

Little sister enjoys her brother's baseball games just like I enjoyed my dad's softball games when I was little- many trips to the concessions stand. She stayed content with hot pretzels and cookies and her sippy cup of water (yay, we officially are off the bottle!) and cheered on her brothers with Nana while I played paparazzi.

Oh, and did I mention? Gavin was award game ball by his coaches :) Something that they will rotate with all the kids, but lets pretend he got it because he was the MVP of the game- coach said it was for his 3 good throws to first base. Go Gavin!

And here is when having twin boys gets tricky. Because I had one kid who got something special, and the other who did not get recognition from the coach. Breiden was really bummed out that he didn't get the game ball, and Gavin wasn't exactly the supportive brother because he just kept rubbing salt in the wound by saying, " Breiden didn't do good enough. Only I got the game ball" Yeah, not the easiest parenting moment. I think we have gotten everything smoothed over, Breiden understanding that its a reward you have to work for and he should be happy for Gavin, and Gavin understanding its not nice to boast. And me realizing this is just the tip of the ice berg with competition and my boys.

There is one thing that really stinks about t-ball... its on days that my husband works. My husband, who is the most involved dad in his kids life and doesn't ever want them to be searching the stands for him and he not be there. But they know how much dad cares, and they couldn't wait to stop by his work on the way home to show him the game ball and tell him about the game. They know he cares.

If this enthusiasm sticks, it looks like I can look forward to my next 15 years of Spring Saturdays being spent at the baseball diamond. I love seeing them happy.


  1. Awesome! And your kids all look SO much alike!

  2. They are adorable! I always wonder if the boys will think I favor Hailey because of the blog. It is true...she sits still :-)

  3. I love your beautiful pictures. I'm sure your boys will understand someday why you took more pictures of your little girl at this time whe they are so on the go!
    p.s. Your boys must be really talented to keep up with the older ones! I can tell from the pictures-they are pure boy!!


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