Monday, February 20, 2012

A little bit of Florida sunshine

We live in Paradise. This time of year screams it, as I drive behind one snow bird after the next, this is the place to be. With all my yearnings to smell burning leaves in crisp air and sip hot chocolate in front of a fireplace after a day playing in the snow, there is something that never gets old about living in Paradise- the sun.

That we play out side every-single-day is not something I take for granted. Whether it be beach, pool, park or our front yard, its rare a day we don't sink our bare feet in grass or sand.

In Michigan, we have apple orchards. In Florida- we have citrus farms.

Nothing like fresh squeezed Florida orange juice

A 10 mile trip from our suburban, gated-community we are in the heart of Florida country. Row after row of orange trees line the two lane road, wild hogs and black bears roam and the gators sun along the canals next to the road. Florida wildlife is so intriguing to me- the danger both scary and exciting. When you live here, you live with alligators. We stay out of the water and they stay by the water and this close but safe distance allows for our own personal zoo in our back yard. I love our dangerous friends. We currently have two that are hanging out in the lake behind our house.

There are three big rules to follow with gators- don't go in the water, don't go within 10 feet of a shoreline when you cannot see the gator is at a safe distance in the lake and don't feed the gator. As long as you follow those, you are pretty much safe. Its not the alligators that put me on edge, its the little venomous Florida pests. The spiders, the snakes and the red ants. I am currently still recovering from standing on a red ant hill at the citrus farm, a good 20 plus bites that left my foot swollen and extremely itchy. Note for next time- wear boots.

I am looking forward to a little less errands this week and a little more play dates. I have to feed the appetites of my very social kids. Especially this little peanut, who is babbling up a storm. If we could just get this walking thing mastered, speech will soon follow. She's trying ;)


  1. Aw I do miss me some Florida sunshine! I lived there for 23 years and moved to Atlanta a year and a half ago..I didn't think it'd be much of a difference but it sure is!

    Beautiful pictures by the way! :)

  2. Florida sure looks beautiful, but I don't know if I could deal with all the pests!! I couldn't handle gators and my husband is terrified of snakes! lol...All we have to deal with up our way is bears in the yard, and bats!!

  3. I'm jealous of your weather but think I'll keep the cold instead of all the pests :-)


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