Friday, February 24, 2012

Snow or Sun?

I am camera happy, this I know. A condition that gets ten times worse when we have family in town. Our time with our family is far and few between, but its quality. And we are more then ecstatic right now to have Nana in town, Charlies mom. Breiden asked her to sleep in his bed last night, and tonight begged to sleep in hers. I lost my cuddle buddy to my Mother-in-Law :).

This morning we woke to the news that Wisconsin got 6 inches of snow, and my silly MIL was sad she missed it. Nothing like hitting the pool to get your mind off of a snow fall. I have never been sad about missing a snow fall when I am tanning pool side in 80 degree weather.

There is nothing I love more then taking my kids to the pool. I have three little fishy who feel right at home there.

With four grand kids in Wisconsin and three down here, I know how hard it is on my in-laws having their family split and us live so far away. I love seeing my kids with their grandparents- they say distance makes the heart grow fonder, so we must really love each other :) We definitely make up for lost time every chance we get.

We get to enjoy Nana for the next month. Wishing all my nieces and nephews could be here so she would be in true grandma heaven, but I know she is soaking up every ounce of being with my three. Especially our miracle baby, because no one can resist Fiona's cuteness :)

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