Saturday, February 18, 2012

To my babies,

Dear Gavin, Breiden and Fiona-

I don't remember what it was like when me and Aunt Shelby were little. Flash memories of holding her in my arms, our 5 year age gap already showing its distance as I was more mommies helper then baby sister's playmate. I had just started kindergarten a month before she was born, and as I got into my teen years, I swore that I would have my kids much closer together then my parents did.

You can't get any closer then 1 minute apart. I know that you wont remember these years clearly when you are older, but the foundation you get, all three of you, of being together, playing together, from your earliest memory on give you a connection that took years and years for Aunt Shel and me to get.

Right now, none of you know what Down syndrome is or that Fiona has it. You call Fiona sweetheart and pretty girl. You rush to her crib in the morning, eager to jump in and play with her. You have opened up your twin bond and made Fiona a part of it. You are three in a pod.

Fiona, you adore your brothers. They are your biggest source of motivation and your biggest cheerleaders.

I tell you girl, you have us all wrapped around your finger. Breiden and Gavin fight over who gets to sit in the car seat next to yours every time we have to go somewhere. They adore you as much as you adore them.

Staying home with you three is the most stressful job I have ever had- but its also the most fun. The stress comes from multitasking, not from you. No, when its just the four of us with no distractions, not errands or obligations, those moments are irreplaceable. I try my best to take full advantage of those moments.

Motherhood is all I expected it would be, with a few extra surprises. Its trying, testing, stretching and oh so fulfilling.

You three have my heart.



  1. Aw, so cute! I love that picture of Fiona in the tunnel :)

  2. Oh Shannon, this post was so beautiful to read. Your children are adorable.


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