Monday, March 26, 2012


I am not sure if my absence has even been noticed in the last week. Normally, its not like me to go more then a few days without having to come here as a creative/mental outlet to gush about my kids or advocate about whats on my heart. Mainly, I wanted my last post to get a chance to be seen- knowing how blogging works, once I post again, previous posts get pushed back only for really curious readers to search for. But culprit number two is that the last three days I have spent every free moment (and sometimes even un-free moments) engulfed in reading The Hunger Games. O ya, I jumped on that bandwagon.

As always though, I get drawn back in, urging to write as if what I say is actually interesting or worthwhile. I love my little space that has become an extension of both my mind and heart. An extra space to sort things out and hold memories. Ones that, this past week, are itching to be shared.

Fiona and I wore matching 3/21 shirts with the DS Ribbon. Awareness starts sparking a conversation that leads to educating. 
My rush of excitement of celebrating 3.21 for Fiona all came to a painful halt with an immobilizing migraine. One that onset the second we walked into her orthopedic appointment, a particular specialist who is notorious for running hours behind. And I had no Advil. For two hours I sat, trying to control my three kids, as the migraine took over my whole body. Clutching my teeth as I talked to the doctor, and barely keeping my lunch in as I patiently waited another ten  minutes to check out, I get all three kids safely buckled in the car. A 25 minute car ride home, pulling over 5 times, I vomited from the pain and a few times just pulled over in fear I was going to black out. I got home, called my neighbor who amazingly both brought me medicine and took my kids for an hour, turned my room into a pitch dark cave, and slept off the pain. No beach sunset like we planned with Kelle and Nella and a few other new faces I was looking forward to meeting, but the good news is Fiona does not need her foot surgery yet! (Okay, that was really hard to get excited about until about 24 hours later when all the effects of the migraine fully wore off, but no surgery means no hurdle in our progress with walking for now).

Then things got much better. Because its Season in SWFL and that means people vacation here. Specifically, people we love but who we rarely get to see, vacation here. Like our best friends who moved to Nashville right after Fiona was born, and family that bring with them a momentary filling for that hole of living so far from them (surprising how quickly that hole empties, Nana Barb only left last week)- along with bringing cute Badgers cloths for the kids.

T-ball took a two week break thanks to Spring Break and a rained-out practice. Some enthusiasm died off a little, but it didn't take long for it to come back. Did I mention how much I love seeing my boys play sports? Really, I don't know if my excitement is for me and my husband, or, for my dad, who finally, after only having daughters, has his boys to pour his athletic pride over. Dad, you have to make it down for a game before the season is over.

Love those dirt-stained pants
And just as much as I love watching my boys with their serious game faces and their dedicated attempts to play the game, I love having my girl on the bleachers with me. The alone time, the girl time, and watching her eyes light up, back straighten and that little pointer finger fly out when she recognizes one of her brothers running by on the field. She will always be their biggest cheerleader.

As they are hers.

Last year at this time. My, have they all grown.


  1. Those pictures in the pool look so inviting. And I love the pictures of Fiona sitting on the bench!

  2. Beautiful family. Its amazing how quickly time passes and how big they grow.

  3. I love seeing pictures of your boys in their little uniforms playing ball...They're so stinkin cute!

  4. My 4 year old had his first tball practice last week. So much fun.

  5. Fiona looks soooo much like her brothers! Sorry about the migraine. I could almost feel it reading your description of it. Thank goodness for your neighbor!! What an awful, awful feeling...


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