Monday, March 19, 2012


A Facebook status that exclaimed "Beach Day!" warranted a match response from my dad in Michigan "same here!". No matter where you live, I hope you got to enjoy some beautiful weather this weekend.

Sensory issues can be a problem with kids with special needs, but somewhere in our family, we must have missed that memo. Because its my boys who freak out about sand on them, and my designer gene princess who digs right in. No keeping her on the blanket, she plops her tiny butt down and grabs it with both fists, lifting it above her head and watches it trinkle down.

I recently mentioned that I wanted to start taking advantage of Florida as much as possible. We followed up our day at the beach with a day out boating. Something we rarely get to do, since we don't own a boat. But its all about who you know :)

 Take a close look at Gavin's shoes. Its used to be he liked to wear two different sandals, now its two completely different kinds of shoes. To the beat of his own drum...

Enjoying our town to its fullest is also letting me enjoy my kids to the fullest. The extra work of doing something out of the ordinary brings its own battles and whines, but it also brings the biggest, most treasureable smiles. (And that irreplaceable feel of sun and salt kissed skin).

Most likely my most favorite picture of my boys ever, at least that I took. Ashley Allbee and Sean Ocean, I would never compare with the artwork you fill my home with :)

We put lots of pennies into our jar of family time this weekend. But don't worry, its far from being filled.

Fiona looked up at my husband today, and gave him the biggest smile ever. The smile that is so amazing, she has to "close her eyes to contain it" ( said by a fellow Ds mom). Down syndrome is on my mind a lot lately because World Down Syndrome Day is vast approaching. I used to be saddened thinking that my child would have certain visual characteristics from the extra chromosome. But as my husband turned and told me, " You know, I hardly see the Down syndrome most of the time, but when she smiles that way she is just so beautiful" I realized something. What once was feared, is now beauty. Our love for Fiona does not blind us from seeing her flaws, but rather, it has changed our whole outlook on what is perfect. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And no, I do not think this will change as she gets older. Because I know and love Fiona, and that Down syndrome is no longer a foreign fear, her beauty from it is radiant to me.  Her squinty smiles, and her sandal gaped toes, and the joy of seeing her learn something new- its hard to describe the transformation that takes place in you when you welcome something different then you imagined. I love the reward of hard work and the people I have met along this journey. People that I would love to introduce you to. So come back this Wednesday, 3.21, for a special post I have put together. This cutie will be in it, too.

If you would like to do something small for World Down Syndrome Day, donate to PROJECT 3.21 to help support National Down Syndrome Society- an organization that is making sure Fiona and others like her have a future filled with opportunities and worth. Your generosity and heart is greatly appreciated. 


  1. Knock on wood...Hailey didn't get the sensory issues...not much phases her!

  2. That bear crawl picture is to die for. SOOO cute!

  3. I love the picture of the boys holding the fish...Too cute!
    And I remember when Russell was first born being sad that he would one day look like he had Ds...I didn't want it to be noticeable...And now I think it's sad I ever thought that! lol...I am so proud of Russell and all I see is the beauty of him, he just shines :)


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