Friday, March 16, 2012

I love my friends :)

Its that time of year again, when I search through my mutt-mixed blood and take pride in the sliver that is Irish. Oh, and that I have one of the most well known Irish-associated names, thanks to the River Shannon, and I named all three of my kiddo's in the Irish tradition. Truth is, I am the furthest thing from really being Irish. I have no clue what the real story is behind St Pattis Day.. something with St Patrick and I think something to do with snakes? No, I just love all the green, and rainbows, and chocolate gold candies, and of course the festivities that involve some food dye in beer.

But I do have one true Irish link- my neighbor. A true Irish man, thick accent and all. And his beautiful wife throws one mean St Patti's day party for our kids. Yes, my friend who had baby number 3 just a month ago threw a kids party. She's pretty amazing.

Did you see the birthday candle in there? Don't let it confuse you, this was not a birthday party. But it was Eva's birthday. Funny thing happens when you have kids, school aged-kids. Your social calendar becomes filled with your kids social lives. Tomorrow, we get to party a few doors down for the birthday girl :) 

Happy St. Patti's Day!

Thank you Megan for being super woman and doing my work for me. 

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  1. WOWSA! that was a GREAT party...i love the shamrock head wreath's! super cute...and I am totally going to do that project! and i love the licorice rainbows...very cool! and can your little leprechauns get any cuter!! smiles


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