Thursday, March 15, 2012

A lot to offer

I've lived in drastically different places, marking an oblong triangle over the country. From Detroit, Michigan over and down to San Diego, California and back across to southwest Florida.  I've gotten to see a lot of whats in between, my car traveling the tracks of all those distances. Always, I've lived in the city or in the burbs, in big town or small.  And while I do love living in places were accessibility is easy and friends are close, the second I cross into the open space, I fall in love. I love the country. I love Michigan's country, where apple orchards and tree farms take over and you have to watch the sides of the roads for the shine of a deer's eyes. I love southern California's country, were endless sand makes for the perfect camp ground for bonfires and dune buggying, mountains surround you every where you turn. And I love Florida's country, were the sun kisses the citrus groves, sweetening the air, while wild life and live stock make for the best free zoo ever.

I am often asked which place I have lived I like the best. I really have no answer. What I have learned is there is beauty everywhere.  As hard as it is to miss these places that I have moved away from and the people that I met along the way, I am so grateful for the vast experiences I have had. And as much as I would love for my kids to grow up but never go away, I pray that they seize every opportunity given to them to experience this world. Right now, we have the opportunity to experience our town. And it has a lot of offer.

My kids are experiencing a completely different childhood then I did. The dynamic of our house, for one, is much different then my family of 4- 2 daughter- 5 years apart set up. But more then that, we have a certain freedom down here. We spend more time outside of our house then in it year round. I love that my kids wake up and immediately ask " Where are we going special today". While I wish we had a basement or a play room, I'm not so sure how often I would want to use it. Our playroom is anywhere outside. And the closer we get to true Florida summer, the more the place of choice is the pool. Some say its too hot to live in Florida during the summer, but I love the heat. It makes the water that much more enjoyable.

If we ever move from here, I do not want to have any regrets. No regrets of under appreciating the things that I would surely miss else where. On my list of to do more of... more beach days, more everglades trips, more beach sunsets, more citrus u-picking, more fishing, more evening walks, more soccer field picnics. Sometimes the grass looks greener else where, but I must never forget its pretty flipping green right here.

Oh, and I found something that trumps Fiona's cuteness in pig tails.... Fiona in pig tails with a lolly pop.

No wait, Fiona in pig tails with a lolly pop admiring her big brother. Too much cuteness to handle.

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