Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Break!

There was a day when those words would ignite excitement... a whole week off school! And normally some sort of vacation to be included. Now, its my first spring break as a parent of the kids who are off of school. Not that my kids go to school a crazy amount, a whooping 2 half days a week. But its amazing how much a difference that really makes. All of sudden, it seems we have a whole lot more time on our hands. Maybe because thanks to schools being on spring break, almost everything else we are involved in is on spring break as well. No t-ball, hockey, or Bible study this week.

So this is what spring break looks like as a parent- more time with your kids. And now that I am finally out of my four day funk of I-have-no-clue-how-or-what-I-was-sick-with-but-I-never-want-to-feel-that-way-again, I can spend some time with them. (Really, it could have been anything from a virus to food poisoning to a reaction to a spider bite, since I found a very suspicious two mark bite on my ankle day two of hell). Saturday I had to force myself out of the house, but today, I am 99.9 percent me again.

One nice benefit of living in Spring Break USA is that we don't have to travel anywhere for that spring break feel- we just go outside. But that can also be the bad thing, considering its not all appropriate stuff to expose my three little balls of clay to. Sometimes its better to think outside of the box of beach and waves to something more Spring Break for kids. Like water balloons. Que 30 minutes of filling balloons, 5 minutes of throwing, and 5 minutes of asking for more balloons until I was able to distract them to the playground.

And as if Fiona couldn't possibly get any cuter, welcome, the pig tails.

Oh, expect to see them a lot. That is, if I can manage to keep enough cookies in the house to keep her quiet and still as I put them in. I couldn't get enough of her today. Its like cupid hit me all over again. I LOVE her! Seriously, Fiona, your cuteness is too much to handle.

Happy kick off to Spring Break season. If you are going to be escaping to SWFL, let me know :)

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  1. Aw, her little piggies are so cute!!! I'm jealous of your spring breaks...My kids are out next week and it is cold and nasty here :(


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