Thursday, March 29, 2012

Touchy Subject

 I am a hairdresser. Sitting in the small, back room at my beauty school over 8 years ago, I remember reading in my MyLady work book the section that talks about conversation edict. After all, over 75% of why a client continues to come to you is not for your skills with hair (true fact) but rather for your personality. And in black ink on the white page it clearly said to avoid three topics. Politics, Sex, and Religion. Last thing you want to do to a potential loyal paying customer is to offend them or make them uncomfortable. So I am sorry in advance for my lack of heeding to that advice.

I am not a fan of Easter. At least the Easter that most of America celebrates. I am still very confused with how the death of Christ is also intertwined with eggs, candy and a creepy bunny. ( Not that Santa is much better, but there is something about someone in a full costume where you can't even see their face). I don't know why this irritates me so badly. I mean, Christmas is pretty slaughtered as well by secular influences. Maybe that its because Easter is held more reverently in my heart as a cornerstone in my faith that all the distractions and cheapening of it nauseate me. But I am a mom. And as well as being a Christian,  I am also an American. There is nothing unBiblical about partaking in candy and silly traditions, as long as you don't let it over shine the glory of God. So we will go on Easter egg hunts and I will put together modest baskets and once again struggle to explain to my kids the true meaning for celebration. I draw the line with the Easter bunny.

Its all about new life, this time of year. While I celebrate the new life I am able to have in God thanks to his Son's ultimate sacrifice, my kids are learning in school about chicks hatching from eggs and flowers blooming. And ever so fittingly, Kelle Hampton's book, Bloom , comes out this Friday. For those of us with a differently abled child, our life was in a way remade with the diagnosis' of our children. For me, my new life opened my eyes even wider to God and drew me closer to him. But yet, for many others, it was the beginning of a new life closed off to God.

This is an incredible stumbling block to my faith. The thing that actually made my faith stronger is the same thing that destroys others faith. The whole "why does bad things happen to good people" is so black and white to me, but yet for many others its the breaking point. And of all of sudden its a lot easier to understand why people live so selfishly. My love for people transcends race, ability, culture and religion. But I cannot say " Your god is my God". The fact that Christianity claims to be the One Truth, is why it is so hated. To believe there is no other way to God then our way comes off arrogant, disrespectful and definitely nothing like the popular Universalism. The "if it makes you feel good, then it must be good" belief breaks my heart, I don't believe morality and salvation necessarily go hand in hand.

So, see, this is why the Easter bunny really ruffles my feathers. Because for me, this isn't just some holiday to paint eggs and eat ham, its the very thing that makes Christianity different from other beliefs. And its not the empty cross that symbolize so much for me, but yet the empty tomb. That my God is alive, that my life has a purpose, that to suffer is to gain, that my debt has been paid.

Above all other things in this world, above honesty, above loyalty, above contentment, I pray that my kids grow to know God. That somewhere along the mess of mixed messages that our society and even myself send out about holidays and appearance and worth, that the truth will shine the brightest. And all those other things I wish for them to have, they will just fall into place.

Faith, Christianity, God , Jesus... have I hit all the taboo conversation words yet? O ya, Church. My church showed us this video that has gone viral by Jefferson Bethke. Its too powerful not to share once more.


  1. Amen! Great post and I second that...we don't do easter bunny or Santa Claus either bc we don't want anything to take away the true meaning of each holiday! They both ruffle my feathers a lot too!

  2. This was so good. Thank you for reposting that video. It's so true, I'm not a Christian because I made a choice. I'm a Christian because I daily, pursue a relationship with God. The One True God who is alive and real and loves me more than I will ever comprehend.


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