Saturday, March 3, 2012

Wind and Water

Oh, how the ocean soothes my soul. How it brightens my spirit, salt-kisses my skin and leaves me wanting nothing more then to thank God for everything beautiful. Nothing can quite replace the feeling of a day at the beach. Today our quiet gulf had raging waves, surely the same winds that are causing such tragedy in the Heartland. How something could cause such terror in one place and beauty in another.

I am forever grateful when my husband takes pictures. Its nice to have some document proof I am there.

Nana is still here, too. And we are still really enjoying our time with her.

Game two of T-ball and we are still loving it. Lets see, we have learned to only chase the ball when we are one of the ones closest to it, to run to first base after hitting, not to fight over the ball with your teammate, and to be excited for whoever gets the game ball (which was neither of my boys this week, but I was so happy to see both of them start clapping for the kid who got it). O ya, and now gum is an absolute necessity for them to play ball. They are such creatures of habit.

The best part of this game? Dad didn't have work this Saturday.

I always knew this was the best time of year in Florida. I mean why else would all the snow birds flock down here from now till April. But I really love it this time of year. I can't jam pack our days with enough stuff, or, there just is not enough time in the day to pack in everything I want to do. I've been waking up earlier and going to bed later, stretching each day to its max. I am waiting for it all to catch up, but right now, I am riding the wave.


  1. Great pictures....Totally had to laugh at the one where they are getting grandma...too cute....I know the feeling...i am always the one behind the camera too so i am rarely in the pictures either...

  2. love the pictures.....hate you and your skinniness!! Oh yeah and that you are frolicking at the beach and I'm trudging through 5 inches of snow!

  3. Beautiful pictures! It's easy to see how much you are loving your new camera:)


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