Tuesday, April 24, 2012


New eyes, new boy.

Guess who finally got the Game Ball?

Breiden's whole world has changed thanks to his new eyes. And this new responsibility seems to have matured my baby years.  Every night, he takes his eye glass cloth, cleans both lens and tucks them away in his case next to his bed. Every morning, I am greeted by his sweet face, coming to snuggle with me in bed, glasses already on. I love his new look.

Progressive lens amaze me. How did anyone figure that out?

Papa came in town for one of his whirlwind visits. Its always good to get to spend time with my dad, and I absolutely love seeing him with his grand kids.

Coach is in his prim when sports are involved. Hence this whole trip- to watch his grandsons play t-ball. He is were I get my competitiveness from, and although I know he loves his daughters, my boys are able to fill that little something we could never give him. That boy stuff, like superheros and wrestling and that drive to run and get dirty. Its equally as amazing to watch him with his little granddaughter. His princess. That same look my sister and I got that we were too beautiful to ever do wrong in his eyes. Papa got lots of kisses from his princess this weekend.

Can't wait for our summer trip north to see family and friends and indulge in that one aspect that we miss out on living so far away from our home towns. Til then, we will have to settle for beautiful, sunny Florida days :)


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