Saturday, April 7, 2012

Fun or Stress

I don't care too much for the festivities that go along with Easter. I have never been a fan of pastel and the Easter bunny is somewhere on my top ten most disliked list. But I am a sucker for getting together with friends and seeing my kids smile.

Oddly, though, the two don't go hand in hand very well, at least when its just me watching my three. Getting together tends to bring more stress in watching my kids and therefore brings more whines on their part and more torture on mine. The more the people, the more stress. But I am a sucker, and therefore, the possibility of the "best day ever" with the memory "my mom is awesome" draws me in every time.


Fiona participated in her first egg hunt. She was pretty content on just her one egg, though two ended up in her basket because of some help from me. The little girl next to her is so sweet. She is just a few months older then Fiona, but she looks out for her like Fiona was her own baby. She also pronounces "Fiona" better then my almost 4 year old boys do.

We started small. Just a few friends from church getting together for a modest egg hunt, and it was while the boys were at school, so I was able to just enjoy time with my princess. This was a good day.

Pinterest is my best friend come holidays. I fell in love with this nifty idea and had to do it myself. Now that I know it went so well, I plan on doing this annually until my kids grow out of it. Pajama Glow In the Dark Egg Hunt.

So simple- just glow sticks/bracelets in eggs and wait till dark. The kids loved it. And hopefully, come next year, I will have learned some better tricks on taking night time photography. I fear the answer to that is a specific lens.

Then today, I stepped into the danger zone. The school egg hunt. Hundreds of adults and even more kids, activity tables, bounce house, face painting, and the dreaded Easter bunny. I thought the kids would love it, and they did. But not without a mishap every step of the way. Three against one in a crowded, hectic place, is just a set up for moms like me to snap and lose it. And thankfully, when I lost it, there was a sweet grandma aged lady standing behind me who gently asked if I wanted to leave the stroller with her so I could take my fit-throwing boys, who would not go hunt for eggs without me, to find eggs. I have never felt so guilty for how I treated my kids as in that moment. Thank you sweet lady for helping me calm down, for giving me some help. And thank you God, she turned out to be a trust worthy person, something that in my crazy state of mind I didn't even think of as I left her with my purse and my baby. In hind sight, probably not the smartest idea. And my husband is going to kill me when he reads this.

They wore their ties for Good Friday Service and insisted on wearing them again today.

I've never minded doing things on my own with my kids. Yes, it is harder, but it has never stopped me. I am starting to question if this is a good thing or not, though. I may have the courage and strength to do things, but not always the patience. Sometimes it would be better to skip things here and there and just enjoy time with my kids in an environment that doesn't stress everyone out. But then again, I look through pictures and see my kids happy for those few milliseconds in the chaos and it makes it all seem somewhat worth it.

Tonight, I was still husband-less, but in a safe environment. Just a few close friends, enjoying company and our kids.

The stress and the guilt is slowly washing away. And tomorrow, I will spend all morning enjoying 3 and 4 year olds celebrate Christ's resurrection, followed by a service sitting next to my husband with his arm around me giving praise for this gift, and a day full of family and friends- sans chaotic stress.

Happy Easter

Then the man asked, "Why are you looking among the dead for someone who is alive? He isn't here! He is risen from the dead!" - Luke 24


  1. Wow...That's a lot of Easter Egg hunts, bet you're glad that's all over with!! The glow in the dark one looked fantastic, what a great idea!! Hope you enjoy a nice quiet Easter Sunday today :)

  2. That's a great idea, putting glow sitcks and bracelets inside eggs! I want to try that. And thank goodness for grandma aged ladies. :)

  3. I wouldn't like egg hunts either if I went to that many! LOL. I LOVE the glow in the dark egg hunt! Isn't pinterest awesome?

  4. I did the same thing this year...the boys went to 5 or 6. I figure it will be mass chaos when Hailey is walking but this year she was confined. Activities will get easier when the boys are a tad older...don't be so hard on yourself! Most people have trouble with one 4 yr old! I love the glow in the dark egg hunt idea!!!


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