Thursday, April 26, 2012


I never thought I had an "addictive personality" I dabbled in cigarettes(many many years ago), but found it extremely easy to walk away from them. No problems with drinking or over eating or diet coke.

Turns out I just hadn't found my "drug" yet.

Hi, my name is Shannon. and I am an photo-a-holic.

I take over 6000 photos in a matter of weeks, and that does not include those I take on my phone.

I have an uncontrollable urge to take a picture that over comes me when I see something cute or beautiful. And since I have three adorable kids (if I do say so myself) that is about, oh, every 3 seconds.

I often find myself in odd positions... on the floor, standing on chairs, leaning over furniture.... just to get "that shot".

And it seems that I have this subconscious fear that if I don't get it on film, then it never really happened. That smile, the blue water, swinging at the play ground, my kids playing together... I have to capture it to make it real, or so my photo-crazed brain has trained itself to think.

Oh ya, and I am not a professional photographer. If I was, none of this would be odd or unnatural. No, I am a just an insane momarazzi.

And thanks to Instragram finally making its app available to Android users... well... I have no hope of breaking my addiction any time soon. It could be worse, right?


I am @shannonblaeske if you want to follow my pics. Warning... I post frequently and may take over your page.

I have been researching for an upcoming post that is very dear to my heart. Which, along with photo-a-holic, I could add in there facebook- blogger- reading- researching- advocating-a-holic as well. What happened to my mantra everything in moderation ? But thats for another day. Check back soon for my next post- its much more important then just awesome pictures of my kids.


  1. Awesome photos! Your little ones are precious :)

  2. Such cute photos!

    I am a fully fledeged Mamarazzi too! x

  3. I'm a foto junkie too....especially IG - I'm an addict! I'll find ya & follow the fun....xo

  4. Great post, Shannon! No need to go to rehab for this addiction, plus you have a support group...all of us that come to see your photos on your blog!!!

  5. Haha, Mamarazzi, love that word!! Pictures capture moments in time, moments that once they are gone they are gone and there is no way of getting them back...So why not take a ton of pictures right? Besides you're awesome at it!!


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