Monday, April 2, 2012


We are almost to the peak time, here in southwest Florida. The heart of Spring Breaks with the finale of Easter weekend. And there is a reason people flock here this time of year. The weather is perfect.

The best thing by far about your baby becoming more mobile, is the expansion in which they can interact with people. In my case, with her brothers. She has mastered her sit-crawl-twist-scoot, and if it weren't for a few wrong twists here and there that disorientate her, she would stay only one step behind them. But there is a new movement that has greatly changed how she will be able to play- standing.

Its still very unstable, and very short lived. But she can do it. She can push her self up into bear crawl and then slowly and carefully, arms out wide for balance, she can stand up on her own.

 Oh the look of a proud little girl.

I have mentioned before how parenthood kind of goes in waves for me. Waves of peaceful bliss and then waves of living nightmare. Right now we are riding the later. I am holding on to the things you see in these pictures to maintain my sanity, but its what I hear that is driving me crazy. First of all, Fiona is quite the hungry little thing. And she. lets. you. know. You cannot have food around her without her immediately going into melt down.  Her I WANT FOOD scream is so loud and shaking, that we couldn't even eat inside at a restaurant today. And I had to sneak eating oreos behind her back, the whole time her eyes glued to my chewing mouth, ready to scream at the first hint of food.

But that is minor in comparison to my boys. Who, somewhere in the last few months, maybe even year, have lost all respect for me. They laugh when I tell them to stop, they repeatedly ask me the same question, hoping for different answers, and then when they realize I wont budge, they go ask dad. Seasoned grocery store shoppers, they ditched their well behaved manors and have turned into spoiled little wild men who spend the whole time asking for things and whining when the answer is no. Somewhere along the line, I went wrong. I got too soft, or was giving them too much, or was being too playful with them, and now I have no respect. And I am losing my mind. Parenting is so much easier when you do it right the first time. Undoing the done is a mind stretching, patience testing job. And right now, in all honesty, I am not doing very well. All of this doesn't help with it being a holiday I don't like to celebrate anyways, so my no's have become more numerous and their whines more voluminous. And then Fiona screams for my candy bar.

My haven? A place with nothing to buy, and no one around. An empty soccer field, an empty playground, an empty pool, anything empty. Its the only time I can enjoy my kids. Not really helping with teaching them anything, but moments of sanity and slivers of that peaceful bliss.

 Sometimes, being a mom isn't nearly as hard as I make it. Its not the spending time with the crazy kids that's hard, its the multitasking. Trying to hold a conversation, while taking care of the crazy kids. Trying to write an email, while taking care of the crazy kids. Trying to set up a doctors appointment, while taking care of the crazy kids. If I could cut out all the things I let distract me from them, the crazy kids aren't half as bad as I let myself think :). And while that's near impossible, because a lot of those distractions are important and necessary, it helps put motherhood in a different perspective for me. That it is what I make it to be.

So I am off to break some bad habits, tame the hungry beast and regain hold on the reigns in my household. Now just how exactly do you teach 3 year olds not to be selfish, whiny, manipulative people?


  1. Parenting...ughh...some days it is definitely easier than others. My 4 year old has been testing my patience more than anything EVER! I think the only thing that will work with him is being stern and repetition.

    I love the pics of Fiona standing!!! She looks so proud of herself.

  2. So it's not just me that has been too soft and is now paying the price for it!? At the moment it seems that my 3 year old really knows how to test my patients and push my buttons. Some days parenting is the best thing in the world and other days it is the hardest.
    At least we're all in it together! xxx

  3. Good luck with teaching those three year olds! Let me know if you find any tricks because I have a five year old and eight year who are whiny, selfish at times, and manipulative as well....:)


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