Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Seeing through Breiden's eyes

So, when I was in third grade, I purposely failed my school eye exam. I somehow was smart enough to not only know to fail it just barely, but then repeat it for the doctor where, when I was prescribed glasses, the prescription was not that strong. I was able to still see okay with my prescription. I wanted glasses in the worst way, just like I also wanted braces for my teeth and a cast, for which body part, I didn't care. I thought these things were cool. In actuality, I probably thought the attention people got from these things was cool, but either way, I wanted them.

Well, in third grade, I got my wish for glasses.

Wasn't I a beauty? Well, I certainly thought I was. I loved my new accessory. I loved the whole fuss over picking the perfect pair (didn't I pick the best glasses?), getting to show up at school the next day with something to show and tell.

Since I didn't really need them, as soon as the novelty wore off, I miraculously could see better. I don't remember exactly how long I wore them, but I know it wasn't long. From looking through pictures, there aren't many with me and my glasses, which either means it was a short lived stage, or my mom was too embarrassed by them to take pictures. And I have no clue if my parents ever knew I pulled the wool over their eyes on this one. Or, maybe I didn't, and they knew it was a sham all along.

Both boys failed their preschool eye exam a month or so ago. I brought it up to our pediatrician, who advised we get them checked but not to fret, that the school eye exams are often being done by elderly volunteers who can barely see themselves. I nodded my head in agreement, but in my head I was thinking, "Fret?! I am excited!" That whole rush from third grade came back. "They are going to look so handsome in glasses!" (thankfully, not like me, since they have way cuter frames these days). "They are going to love this special treatment".

My husband and I started to pay attention to how our boys used their eyes, and there was definitely a lot of crossed eyes going on when they were trying to look at something more then 5 feet away. Breiden, particularly, had to close his left eye to focus. When I scheduled the appointment, they only had two openings available, and Fiona still had her whole eye dimple/tearing issue (that's for another day) so I scheduled B and Fi first, and set up another appointment for Gavin for a later date.

Breiden was so excited. Probably had something to do with how excited I was, it rubbed off a little.

Ya, Buba can't see. Extremely farsighted. Extremely weak vision in his left eye (hence why he always closes that one to focus).

This whole twin thing is tricky. Those who have kiddos close in age probably experience similar sticky situations. I was really glad I didn't schedule the boys together because Breiden actually got this day all to himself. He got all the attention. He got the excitement. He was fussed over, and got to feel really special. This is something that my boys don't often get- in their world were everything happens at the same time/same age, their attention is almost always shared. And I loved taking him to pick out his new glasses and making him feel like the little king he is.

I was thoroughly shocked he didn't pick blue frames. He actually liked the most durable, bendable, kid-safe frames that daddy picked, and he really does look handsome  :)
But this was all really hard on Gavin. Because, although he knew that his day was coming soon, it wasn't today. It was the Game Ball all over again.

For at least the next 5 weeks, dear friends, there will be no confusion about who is who. B will be the stud in the glasses.

Magnified eyes, magnified eye lashes

And Gavin is the cute kid longing for glasses like his brother.

Oh, but don't get anxious about what you will do if they inevitably both have glasses- Breiden will be sporting a patch over his right eye in 5 weeks to strengthen that weak left eye. So wa-la, telling-my boys-apart-problem solved once again. And then, of course, there is always the default blue and green code.

Seriously, the kid's vision is bad. No fake failing his eye exam- these are coke bottle thick, or pretty close.

We went over to Publix (grocery store) to get the kids a donut after we picked up Brei's glasses. He was pointing at everything and saying "Mommy, you see that?". I was shocked. For the first time he is really seeing the world and I had no idea that he couldn't before. I put on his glasses to see how strong a +7 prescription is, and everything was just as blurry as the grass in the background of the above pictures. Good news, is that his eyes should progressively get better.


  1. So cute! Glad he got his moment and he is adorable in his glasses :)

  2. Love those glasses...he is so cute! I think I had a pair of glasses similar to yours with the big frames and the sides coming up like that! Crack me up!!!! I did need glasses in third grade but remember wanting them too...thought I looked cool too. But then, I also thought big bangs, cuffing my pant legs, and wearing my collar up were cool at one point too. Oh, the trends. I digress but am smiling right now thinking about it all. Loved your post!

  3. I got glasses in the third grade, too. Mine were pale pink. I needed them desperately - I could only read the big "E" at the top of the chart. I remember the feeling of seeing clearly when I finally got my glasses. The trees had leaves! :) Breiden looks great in his glasses.

  4. Oh my gosh, you had the best galsses!! lol...Its funny to see how big they use to make them! And Breiden looks so stinkin adorable in his glasses!!! You've got some really cute kids Shannon.


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