Monday, May 7, 2012

A Little Randomness

There are now four crystal clear blue eyes peering out of thick glass lens in my home now. I adore the new look it gives my boys, it seems over night they have matured so much. O ya, and we have to go back to our old code of Breiden in Blue- Gavin in Green.

Breiden has the brain of a 20 year old. Maybe not academically, but definitely in wit and understanding. He is past (pretty much) the stage of temper-tantrums, and now comes at you with reasoning and very thought-through negotiations. Its a little funny, but a little scary. This kid is going to either be a salesman or a lawyer- he is good at talking.

Gavin is a little bit more like me, and a lot more like my dad. He is more on the introvert side... the kind that either once he is warmed up or feels very comfortable then becomes an extrovert. He's crazy. Spastic. Timid. Stubborn and determined. While Breiden is more the sweet talker, telling me I am pretty and his best friend, Gavin is my sweet heart. He is very tuned into peoples emotions, noticing when someone is sad or hurt and tries to help. He is less organized then Breiden, always losing things and not as careful with his stuff. I was more worried about the responsibility of glasses with him, and although we have had a few incidences already of him taking them off and not putting them in their case, he actually is doing much better then I thought he would. It is an unbelievable journey having twins and watching them both grow together and independently. The shock from that day in the ultrasound tech's room when we first saw two little flickering hearts still hasn't completely worn off.

Life has been extra sweet lately.

I don't know if the its the stronger, brighter, summer sun or something in the air, because life really hasn't been any different. Actually, my list of not-so-great stuff has been filling up with headaches, up-coming surgery, medical debt, and two almost-four-year-olds who do not listen. Which leads me to think more that its not a shift in weather, its a shift in perspective. Something I can only give God credit for.

The priorities in our house have been out a wack for way too long, and finally, we are starting to get it right.

I have never felt so sure of my faith in my life before. What has been head knowledge, now, is starting to feel so much deeper. I never knew what I was missing out on.

Fiona is talking now. She has the sweetest, girliest "Hi" you ever heard, and she just loves to say it. She also says "da" for yes, "ba-da" for brother, "da-da" for daddy (another favorite), "bay" for baby, and a few other random words that she can mimic. Some where along the line there was a miscommunication about mama, because when I say mama she points to herself. I am thinking this is because I point to myself when I say it.

She is also bear crawling.

I work with the kids at our church, helping out, watching them during one of the services every week. I love it. If I didn't have kids of my own, I definitely still would be babysitting for others and working with kids in the nursery. This past week I worked in the One's room, Fiona's room. It was pretty awesome to see her with her peers. Although, physically, she is behind in her motor skills, she looks like she belongs in that room. I think I was smiling the entire time, watching her play with the pretend food and baby dolls and interacting with the other little one year olds. She is so independent, so normal. And not because she is "higher functioning" or mosaic or "better", because she is Fiona and this is her personality. Shes curious, outgoing, loving, patient (except when it comes to food). She's quite the celebrity at our church. I felt so cool being like, "Ya, I'm Fiona's mom", because everyone seems to know her. And not because she is "special", but just because she is so darn sweet. Did I mention this was a brag on my kids post?

Fi and our friend Trish

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I am thankful for good company, good weather and good times. I am thankful for order. I am thankful for migraine medicine. I am thankful for unexpected game changers. I am thankful for forgiveness. But mostly
this week, I am thankful for perspective. 

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  1. I love the pictures of the boys together wearing their glasses! They're so darn cute! And the one of you and Fiona is adorable...You always have the best pictures Shannon :)


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