Friday, May 18, 2012


I have a one track mind. I can multitask like no ones business... if its stuff that doesn't require thought. But when my mind gets wrapped in something, it tunnel visions. Hense, my husbands frustration when I am on the computer, or reading a book, or just deep in thought. He might as well be talking to a wall because my mind is only absorbing whats directly in front of me. I am convinced this is genetic and I have my parents to blame. Or wait, does that mean that its environmental since my parents dont share genes? Either way, I have intense focus.

Which is great for getting things done. When I start something, it gets finished. Of course everything else gets neglected in the meanwhile, but my projects always get finished. The question "how do you find time to write, read, crochet, paint, run, fill-in-the-blank?" perplexes me. This is probably because I am the furthest thing from a type A, OCD person. No, those types of people don't have time for much because everything has to be a certain way to work. I can cook in a messy kitchen, leave home with a living room floor full of laundry, sit down and put up my feet with half of the kids dinner yet to be swept up from under the table. Not that I like to, but I can. This is something that is difficult for a lot of people, including my type A, OCD husband who literally cannot function, or at least function in a good mood, if things are in a disarray. For me, I can happily say, "my house might not be clean, but we did so much today!" and feel fulfilled. we all have down time, no matter how busy we are (for me I often stay up well past midnight for my down time), we just choose to use it with our own priorities. Its really easy to find time when your priorities are screwed up like mine are, or straight, depending on how you view it.

So for two days, laundry piled, toys lay happily on the floor along side crumbs and probably a few sticky juice splashes, and I painted. Because my mind was tunneled visioned on my project.  I know, its bad. Along with house chores, my kids did not have my full attention. Feed, clothe, and keep safe were as much as they got out of me. Although, I did let the boys paint and they fully know their color wheel now (something I am so proud of) and Fiona, well she is happy to just sit at my feet with her "magic wand" paintbrush. And, after all, this project was for them. Oh, and they love it :)

My not so perfect, free handed, masterpieces

Project finished, spell is broken- today was catch up on the house and pour that concentration of mine on four people I love with every ounce of my being.

Can we say " two year old molars?!" Ag, that means that my baby is almost 2!
May 18th is a special day for my husband and I. I wouldn't have wanted to spend it any other way then just an everyday-extraordinary way. Something like a morning of running errands with my family, a stop at a sprinkler park, some thrifting, front yard water play and a date night with my better half. There is only one thing that would have made it sweeter- if my husband wasn't spending the night elsewhere because of an early morning fishing trip. Ah, our life it so tough.

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Sorry if my description of my household grossed you out. You are probably a type A person. Don't fret, all the sticky juice splashes have been wiped up and you wont find one toy on my floor... till tomorrow morning.


  1. Great job, those pictures look fantastic!

  2. Aww awesome job on the paintings! Your boys must love them!

  3. great job on the paintings. i would get to frustrated and it wouldn't get done lol. but i bet your boys love them


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