Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Puddle Jumping

Its a rare week in Florida, were gray skies out number the blue and rain is not a clock work once-a-day, but, drizzling on and off all day long. Kind of like this headache that hasn't left my side for over a week now, one which medicine does little to relieve. Do you know how impossible it is to nurse a headache away with three kids to look after? Noise and light echo in my head, pounding like a drum on my swollen nerves. I have had very few windows of peace up there, but when I have, I have enjoyed it fully. (Thankful for a current break from my pain and hoping it is gone for good now)

We are dog sitting for our neighbor friends and I am finding it surprisingly more delightful then I anticipated. See, I am kind of like how most people are with kids when it comes to dogs- I love to play with them, I just don't want one of my own to take care of. But I have to admit, these two little furry friends are a welcome challenge, and I am finding myself letting them hang out at our house more and more in between walks.

Backing up a few days, I survived a four-day-alone experience with my three kids as my husband partied in LA with his buddies ( not jealous or anything). Actually, come to think of it, maybe this is what triggered all of these migraines, so I am not sure how well I survived. I may or may not have let the kids sleep with me, and let them stay up way later then normal, watching movies and having "camp outs". That was not a good set up for an early morning T-ball game in which I had to wake up my half dead kids to get them there on time. Breiden was so out of it he refused to play. Actually, I am pretty sure he quit baseball "forever", but we will see what tune he sings this Saturday after a good night sleep.

Fiona is completely opposite then her brothers when it comes to morning... no matter how much sleep, she always wakes up with a smile on her face. As soon as she registers my voice, she pops right up, lifts her arms above her head and throws her head back with a sleepy-eyed cheesy smile. She is my sunshine.

Guess who failed their eye exam as well?

Glasses are ordered for Gavin and should be here Friday. Good luck telling the boys apart, I barely can now with glasses. Aren't they just so flipping handsome with four eyes?

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 Here's to sunny, migraine-free days of raising more technology addicted little ones :) Happy May 1st!



  1. CUTE photos, and I hope your migraines go away ! xox

  2. Ug. migraines suck! Hope you are feeling better!! And the boys really do both look so cute in their glasses :)


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