Tuesday, October 2, 2012

To my kids

Dear Gavin, Breiden and Fiona-

I am told by G and B's teachers you boys love to talk about your family. Most of the pictures you draw are some combination of you all, daddy and me, or often all 5 of us together. You love your family, and oh how I pray that you always will.

Someday, my weirdness may embarrass you, or dad's jokes may annoy you. Being patient and forgiving with each other will not always be easy, and at one time or another your pride for your family may temporarily dwindle.

But I will never forget how you love each other now.

The bond you boys have, that twin bond- best friends long before I even laid eyes on you. You prefer each other over any other friend and frequently tell us how you are each other's best friend. You do everything together, and the times you don't want the other around are rare. Most nights, you both want to sleep together in one of your tiny twin beds. Just being that two feet apart in different beds is too far for you.

At times, you do get annoyed with each other. Of course you fight over sharing your stuff, and your different personalities sometimes collide. Breiden, one night you told Gavin he couldn't sleep in your bed because he sleeps too messy. Poor Gavin, you were heartbroken, sadly pleading, "But Breiden, you're my best friend!" It didn't take long for Buba to change his mind, he wanted his best friend by his side.

Fiona, you are rarely a third wheel. Your brothers include you in almost (almost) everything they do. They find a way for you to be involved. And they keep asking me if you are old enough yet to have a camp out in their room. We tried, but you don't like to sleep anywhere but your own bed.

Breiden, you are my mini general. You like to keep every one in line, and I frequently have to remind you you are not in charge. I hear you sending Gavin to his room when he is not picking up his toys, and reminding him when he is doing something you both know is wrong. You have a good heart, just a little on the bossy side sometimes :) You adore Fiona, always calling her princess, pretty girl, or telling her how beautiful she is. The two of you have a special bond.

G, you are my little helper. Nothing motivates you more to do something then when I ask "Who wants to be my helper!". You call your self my little chef and like to assit me when I am cooking, and have a servants heart, most of the time. That is, when you are paying attention :) You love to help Fiona and go get her toys, I find her crib covered in toys every morning that you throw in there for her. Your "brudda" is undeniably your best friend. You almost never talk about anyone else, besides Fi and this little girl Brooke from church. (You once had a melt down because we were going to play with friends and I didn't know Brooke's mom's number to invite them :). Your favorite face to make when I ask you to look at the camera is the one below, I love your personality, little man.

You know Fiona, your brothers are the first to greet you every morning? I am usually wakened by the sound of the three of you laughing drifting from Fiona's room, or, by one of you boys coming to tell me Fi is awake, while the other one plays in her crib with her. You light up at the sound of their voices and they fight over who gets to hug and hold you on the couch.

Boys, although you are best friends, Fiona is your princess. You gush with pride for your baby sister, and almost always help her and watch out for her. In the same way, you include her and treat her like "one of the boys", and Fi, you do your best to keep up. I've never seen a tougher little girl. Getting knocked down usually sends you into laughter, as long as you are playing with your brothers. You boys teach her new things everyday... some which are bad. But no one makes Fi laugh like the two of you do. She admires everything you do.

While you boys are at school, Fiona you look for them. Going to their bedroom and calling "Ba?", looking at me for an answer to where they are. She misses you when your gone. Fiona, nothing excites you like when your brothers come home. It looks a little something like this...

Oh, how we all adore you, little girl!

God has blessed each of us with each other, placing us together for His glory  Not only do I pray your love for our family continues, but that you also grow and understand God's love for you each and every day. We may fail you, but He never will.



Happy anniversary to your dad and I. Three years and counting, blessed to have each other and hope that we never make you doubt our love for each other. Our marriage is a gift, just like the three of you.


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