Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Month

October is gone, and the first thing I am thankful for this month is that November is a nice, not quite so hectic month! I need a few days to recover from last months craziness, and to start of the month I spent the whole day recovering my house from the neglect it received due to our busy-ness.

November means figuring out what to do for Thanksgiving, since other then my mom, we do not have family down here for that big get together, which for me is what Thanksgiving is about. I really could care less about the food unless I am enjoying it with a table full of my favorite people. Any takers for a big pot luck turkey dinner?? November also means Movemeber- that my husband will shave all his facial hair and only let his mustache grow the entire month for men's health awareness. Love this, but hate it for the fact that my husband will be sporting this facial hair for what November also means... family pictures. The one time of year we all take pictures together by the amazing Ashley... and my husband will have a three day grown out mustache. All for a good cause I remind myself. I've got the outfits laid out for Saturday, and the props ready to go. And I am sure Charlie will be thankful I am not making him lug a couch out to a field this year.

Last years pictures :)

But besides a nice relaxing month before the craziness of Decemeber, I love the emphases that is put on thanks-giving in November. Its something I try to keep in the atmosphere of our house at all times because no matter how life is going, we always have so much to be thankful for. Like Fiona being surgery free for over a year now. Or Breiden being able to write his name. Or bills always being paid. Or time together. Or good friends. And the list goes on. But today, I am most thankful for a mostly clean house and a fresh baked pumpkin pie smelling it up nicely. What are you most thankful for?

Of course, I am thankful for these three always.

Oh ya, and did I mention that Fiona was an October cover model?? She is our rock star.

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