Monday, January 7, 2013

2nd Heart-iversary

I've been a bit sentimental today. Stopping to recall this day 2 years ago, the staleness of the hospital, the warmth of her small body in my arms, the nerves I so desperately tried to control, forcing thoughts of the worse case scenario far from my mind. I knew I would not be able to hand her over if I let them creep in. Its the memory of shaking the surgeons large hand who assured us the surgery was a success that is the sharpest, though. The moment our fears and anxieties were finally laid to rest.

Walking into her hospital room for the first time to see all 9lbs of her drugged, stiff and covered in wires. The 4inch incision puffy and the obvious cracked sternum bulged oddly behind it. And although it resembled something from a horror movie, there was no more fear. She was healed. Her heart beat perfectly and steadily for the first time behind the horrific scar. And the sound of the sweet heart pumping through the tiny blue stethoscope is a sound that takes very little reminiscing to recall.

Gratefulness is were I landed today. For the list is never ending. The obvious, that Fiona is here. That the surgery was successful, that her heart didn't fail on her and nor open heart surgery kill her. Thankful for no complications or infections, for a short recovery and a short hospital stay. And amongst the list of things my heart is gracious for is indeed that we ever had to walk this path to begin with. Down syndrome, clubbed feet, heart defect... I watch the beauty come from the bad. The community and friendships that have formed, the strength and trust that has blossomed, and priceless peace of contentment and gratitude that has engulfed our hearts.

 Fiona was named very carefully. Her first name for its beauty, the second for its wisdom. Hope. It is what has carried us through every step, and continues to bring comfort with whatever lies ahead.


  1. Happy heart day! I'm still in awe of Hailey's heart surgery! Fiona is a beautiful, strong little girl!

  2. Happy heart day! My Owen celebrated his 3rd back in September. What miracles and gifts those doctors have given us!


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