Double Trouble

My now husband and I found out 6 weeks into our first pregnancy we were getting a two-for-one. When the ultrasound tech rubbed that wand across my belly and causally said, "Oh, it looks like theres two" I cocked my head and cluelessly asked, " Two what?" as my husbands knees buckled with realization of what she was talking about.

37 weeks, a mostly normal and healthy pregnancy,and a quick labor ended with an already planned c-section turned into emergency c-section (because I went into labor) we welcomed our fraternal boys Gavin Scott and Breiden John on June 4 2008.

People often ask what is like to have twins, and since they were my first, it was all I knew. Some say they don't know how I do it and that they would not be able to handle it, but they are wrong. You handle anything when it comes to your kids. Twin boys are a handful ( but oh, how I hate when people tell me that), a lot to keep up with. But it is also a beautiful, unique relationship that I truly feel blessed to witness first hand. Instant best friends for life. Never a day they have to be alone. They learn off each other and keep me laughing all day.

Gavin had to have a minor surgery at one year- hypospadia. A common problem in boys. Has to do with the pee hole, I wont go into details. But other then that, they are healthy, almost-3 year old boys who skipped terrible twos but are going to make the threes hell for me. I love the dynamic twins brings to our family.

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  1. Twins are an amazing ride! I rocked all night with two crying babie chanting to myself, "I have two arms and two babies...If I had three babies I could not do this..."


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